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Check-in procedures

Check-in at Kärdla Airport closes 20 minutes before departure.

We recommend arriving at Kärdla airport at least half an hour before your scheduled flight departure so you’ll have plenty of time for the check-in procedures and pre-flight security check.

If you’ve booked any special services from your airline, travelling with children, have special size/oversize luggage (golf equipment, bicycles, skis etc) or are travelling in a large group, we recommend you arrive at the airport at least 45 minutes before your departure time.

All passengers, even those travelling with hand luggage only, must be checked in to board the aircraft. You’ll be asked to present your boarding pass and valid travel documents at the check-in desk and boarding gate. If you are travelling within the European Union, you can travel with your ID-card – but you’ll need a valid passport to travel anywhere else.