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Customs and VAT Refunds

Customs regulations are different for passengers travelling between European Union Member States and passengers arriving to a Member State from outside the European Union. Further information on restrictions is available on the Tax and Customs Board website.

Customs procedures at Kärdla Airport are conducted by the Tax and Customs Board. Tax and Customs Board officials are authorised to screen passengers and monitor imports in order to prevent prohibited goods from entering the country. Random checks are performed to identify prohibited substances and goods.

Tax and Customs Board representatives are not always present at Kuressaare Airport, so you’ll need to arrange in advance if you wish meet them at the airport either before your outgoing flight or on arrival at Kuressaare Airport.

The Estonian Tax and Customs Board recommend that you check any limits on the quantities of various goods before you return home from a foreign country. You are also advised to review the regulations of any foreign destination before you travel abroad as the permitted import quantities may differ from one country to another.